To the Infinity

After long time I have inspiration again…Here is my new song like hope to all those who lost faith in love and nice happens in life… ♡♡♡Outside is colder but in house is warm,the heat is coming from your heart…Someone asked you what could be,you just smiled and said you’ll see…The sky is clear and … More To the Infinity

The hands of time 

Someone special is missing me today, someone my heart hold on to, as I travel along life’s way. Sometimes I think of you and tears fill my eyes to think of the meaning you’ve given my life. I don’t think you will ever fully understand how you’ve touched my life and made me who I … More The hands of time 

The maze

​We go through the maze of paths, incapable of controlling the weather, waiting on fiery stars to find the way in high and we don’t have time to cry.  Peace and solace one after the other, some obstacle intervenes leaving the mind puzzled and heart unfulfilled.  Suddenly, we realised that one day we are high … More The maze

Where are you now?

Where the day flows,where the road goes?Should I be believing that I am only dreaming…deep in the silence Where are you now? The moon still keep on moving and I still keep on going…deep in the silence Where are you now? Is it just another dream?…deep in the silence The heart always goes, what the … More Where are you now?


Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong but all this time I ask myself where do I belong. I’m sitting in a peacefull place and I’m trying to find my space, pictures are passing through my mind and I still need something to find… I’m looking back, I see the mixture of black and … More Despair